Hi there!
As couch potatoes at heart, snoozing our alarm clocks for a few more hours of sleep always seemed to be a more attractive option than hitting the gym. However, after discovering the fitness communities in Boston and Los Angeles, we began to change our perspectives. Experiencing such an immersive and welcoming community of boxers, cyclers, yogis, and all-round fitness addicts, we were inspired to maintain a healthier lifestyle.
As we return to our Jakarta home, we longed and hoped for a similar experience and community. One that aspires to help the everyday person choose their health and realize the benefits of fitness; believing that working out is a relief and something to love, rather than a chore to dread. It is not about having the best physique, but about being the best version of yourself you can possibly be: a “you” that is strong, passionate, and brave in all your endeavors.
We chose to begin because of a supportive and encouraging community, and we are here to build such a community for you. We believe your growth can begin with exercise and motivation. That is why we have collaborated with the best professional trainers to create innovative full-body workouts that are quick yet effective, and fun yet challenging. We make it easy for you to fit exercise into your busy schedule. In and out before you wish it was over—if you ever wish it to be.
Welcome to Alder.