What is Alder?
Alder is a fitness boutique that seeks to recreate the workout experience. Because we believe that working out should be fun, gratifying, and ultimately empowering.
We are made for and inspired by the people who aspire to be better each and every day - the explorers, dancers, thinkers, mothers, night owls, artists, runners, mathletes. The goal getters, light bringers, magic makers, game shakers, world shifters. You.
Our Classes
Our unique and innovative classes were born out of the desire to bring fitness to the everyday urbanite. Inspired by the people who run to the beat of their own drum, we wanted to create something different from what already exists. Workouts that change the way we think about exercise. Because we believe that those who dislike working out, simply have not found the right workout yet. Find what you like here .
Your First Class
Reservation: Book a spot in our class here! Walk-ins are always welcome but limited spots are available so booking in advance is highly recommended.
What to wear: < We suggest wearing comfortable clothes and shoes.
What to bring: You may bring your own wraps and gloves if you have them. However they can also be purchased and rented in our studio.
Check in: Please arrive at least 20 minutes early for your first class and let our front desk know that you are new! Our trainer will help wrap your hands for you and give you a short demonstration of boxing fundamentals if you have never boxed before. If you are running late, please tell us so that we don’t give your spot away to a standby participant.
Safety: If you have any previous injuries or qualms, please consult your doctor first. Our trainers may encourage you to push your physical limits, but please work at a level that is comfortable for you. Also, don’t forget to stay hydrated!
The Experience
Walk in to our intimate space greeted by the happy faces of our front desk who know your name and preferences by heart. Join your favorite workout with a trainer that pushes you to do better each time. Let the beat of the music and contagious energy of the crowd move you. And maybe join another class to give your muscles an extra stretch. Freshen up in our bathrooms complete with amenities for your convenience. Grab your personalized order of post-workout drink from our bar. Walk out feeling like a million dollars. All in one short but wholly invigorating stop. This is our happy place, and we hope that it is yours, too.
Our Community
Think of us as your posse. Your gang. Your home team. Your biggest cheerleaders. We aim to cultivate a community that believes in your magic as much as we do. People who turn you on, emotionally, intellectually, creatively, as much as our workouts. People who support your goals, dreams, ideas, and ambitions, no matter how crazy. People who celebrate your tiny victories and inspire you to fight harder. Because we are all in this together.